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About Candy

What Clients are Saying

Thank you very much for your tremendous support in opening my heart to change. Your brilliant coaching sessions helped me to understand that my old life was likely to feel too limited for me…

Thank you for changing my life and making ME happier!!

Marina P

I didn't know what I wanted. I was confused about my life. I was working hard but wasting my effort. I was not happy with my life at all although I was trying really hard. Candy took me in and coached me with great patience. She saw the light in me that I was blind of. She saw my potential and guided me to bring it out gradually. Then one day, I suddenly realize I have come so far. Now I feel confident about my daily life. I know although anything can go wrong in my life I can always handle it.

Muse M.

During our sessions I finally get the time to work on me and have someone in my corner always reminding me of the good things I’ve done – like most I focus on what I’ve done wrong or missed, and you always help me focus on what makes me special which encourages me to stay positive and work on the things I have control over.  You constantly assure me its okay to be myself and that I am awesome.

Avonne T